Frequently Asked Questions in e Cig Reviews

When you look at e cig reviews there are a number of frequently asked questions that they should look at answering. When the review answers these questions you will be able to gather all the information that you need about the device and how it is going to be used. It is important that you know what these questions are and what the general answers will be.

What is an e Cig?

The first question that most people will ask is what an e cig actually this. This is an electronic cigarette which is classed as a nicotine deployment system. They are also considered to be a healthier and cheaper alternative to traditional cigarettes.

How Does the Electronic Cigarette Work?

The second question that the review needs to answer is how the electronic cigarette works. There are two ways that this can be answered and this will depend on the device that is being reviewed. The first way will relate to the manual electronic cigarette and the second to the automatic electronic cigarette.

With a manual e cig you will have to activate the battery through a button found on the body of the device. With the automatic device the battery will start as soon as you drag on the mouth piece. The automatic electronic cigarette is advised for the new users as it is considered to be easier to use.

What Nicotine Strength Should You Get?

Another question that many people ask is what nicotine strength they should be getting with the e cig. Most electronic cigarette manufacturers will have a range of different nicotine strengths that you can choose from. However, they do not tell you which strength will actually be right for you.

When you start using electronic cigarettes you should try the higher strengths. You can always lower the strength if you find this to be too potent. The higher strengths are recommended because the usage techniques that you have for the device will not be that good yet.

What is the Battery Life?

With any electronic device you have to consider what the battery life is going to be and electronic cigarettes are no different. The review that you are looking at should tell you about how long the battery lasts with average use. This can impact whether or not you buy the device or if you need to get more than one battery.

It is recommended that you always purchase more than one battery for the device. This allows you to use the electronic cigarette while the second battery charges. This means that you are never going to have a time when you cannot use the device because you have to charge the battery.

There are a lot of frequently asked questions that you need to know about when you look at e cig reviews. The reviews that you read and use should cover the concerns that are brought up in the frequently asked questions. By answering these questions the review will be able to tell you what you need to know about the device.