Electronic cigarette UK supplier review

ego-electronic-cigaretteWe are one of the best suppliers of electronic cigarettes in the UK. Our cigarettes are not only affordable, but safe to use and very sophisticated. Instead of containing tobacco as the smoked stimulant, e cigarettes contain an electronic liquid, with/ without nicotine. The eliquid is vaporized by a heating system, powered by a rechargeable battery, to emit the fumes for smoking.

E cigarette starter pack

An e cigarette, unlike regular cigarette, does not come in a single, all-encompassing cigarette stick, but in a kit that has different components. The components of the kit, called a starter pack, must be fitted together before a person can smoke. The kit’s components include e-liquid, battery, cartridges and cartridge holder. We can, also, supply bulk liquid to clients who would like to keep their stock of liquid nicotine/ pure e liquid close to them; for easy refills.


The cartridges, containing the liquid and nicotine, come in a variety of sizes and fit in different sized cartridge holders. It is, thus, possible for clients to carry about and use small sized cartridges while others carry large sized ones. The cartridges are also flavored to give the e liquid different flavors instead of the usual smell of tobacco.

Clean cigarettes

Regular cigarettes burn tobacco to emit carbon filled dry smoke plus ash. Our e-cigs, on the other hand, do not burn anything as the electronic liquid inside the cartridges vaporizes. This vapor is quite wet, and certainly does not contain the harmful carbon gas. It is, thus, less irritating to a user’s throat, mouth, lungs and nose. The clients are lucky to smell anything, thanks to the different flavors we supply, but the offending tobacco smell and they do not need ash trays.

Nicotine content

We make our cigarettes in a way that people can regulate their nicotine smoke. We do this by supplying e liquids with varying nicotine levels. Some people smoke because they need a fast and strong stimulant and hence take the e liquids with higher nicotine content while other smokers only need a mild stimulant, and our low content of nicotine in our simplyeliquid gratifies this need. Additionally, we ensure that we have an e cig liquid that contains no nicotine for our clients whose smoking is only a psychological urge.


It goes without saying that e-cigs have taken the market by storm and our cigarettes top all others in all aspects. For starters, the starter kit is affordable and so are the other reusable components. The clean vapor is environmental friendly; increasing its social acceptability. We supply our e-cigs in a variety of flavors to advance the satisfaction of our cigarette recreational smokers. E cigs do not receive the strict regulation imposed on tobacco because nicotine does not fall under the drugs.

Quick Tips To Use E-cigarettes To Quit Smoking

e-cigarettes-smoking-500x499One of the most important things a person needs in order to quit smoking is a very strong desire, backed up by lots of motivation or you’ll basically be wasting your time. Nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs known to man, and has one of the lowest success rates of those trying to kick the addiction as well. Once you’ve combined solid dedication, motivation, and education altogether, decided to make the leap and quit smoking, then here are a few things you can do to help you out on your journey.

You need to go to your local tobacco shop and pick up an e-cigarette with several different strengths of nicotine, enough for 15 days at full strength, 15 more at three-quarters strength and so on, until you are nicotine free. The beauty of using the e-cigarette is it provides your hands with something to do just like smoking and your lips and your lungs as well, thereby fulfilling the urge of the physical process of smoking that is all part of the total addiction. Then, the e-cigarette also supplies nicotine which can be fairly carefully regulated so that you can reduce your daily nicotine intake gradually on the road to success. Even if all you do is make the jump from a regular tobacco cigarette to an e-cigarette, you’ll probably be extending your life by eliminating the tobacco. While the nicotine is still a harmful chemical to many parts your body, the e cigs won’t be supplying the other 1000 cancer-causing chemicals that are normally found in tobacco.

Now that you’ve got your motivation and your method all worked out, do an Internet search for ‘quit smoking support group’ in your local area, make plans to join them and go as often as it takes to get the emotional support needed to stay on track with your plan. The key to quitting smoking is to be highly motivated with a strong desire, have a method to gradually reduce the nicotine, be able to replace all the mannerisms involved in the process of smoking, and finally to have good solid support from others in the same boat as you.